Providing the security of recognized certification wherever your business needs it.

Whichever sector your business operates in, you need the certainty that your services, products and processes have been scrutinized to ensure that they deliver optimum performance, quality and safety. Having them certified by a tried and trusted partner like SGS will help them and your business to stand out.

We can perform audits across a vast spectrum of ISO and other regulatory standards. Whether you need ISO 9001, automotive standards, or social accountability, we have experts and auditors all over the world to assist you. Our highly qualified auditors work with you locally so you can be certain of a complete understanding of your business in the real world. We can help you drill down to whichever certification you need in a huge range of sectors from forestry to pharmaceuticals.

For over a hundred years, SGS has provided audit, inspection and certification services and our unrivaled experience means we can provide a history of assurance and reliability to our customers.

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