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Couple Doing Shopping in Children Store

Canada: Carriages and Strollers Must Comply with SOR/2023-101 Starting December 4, 2023

Carriages and strollers in Canada must comply with new regulations (SOR/2023-101) from December 4, 2023.
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Experiment in the Laboratory

France Establishes Endocrine Disruptors for Product Disclosure

France has established two lists of endocrine disruptor substances for reporting in products. The provisions in the new law became effective on October 13, 2023.
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Rail Road Worker

New Railway Accreditations for SGS

We are now accredited to perform EC verification and assessment for the full scope of railway subsystems.
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Woman Unpacking Parcel at Home

Malaysia Publishes Order on Marking of Pre-Packaged Goods

Malaysia has issued the Trade Descriptions (Marking of Pre-Packaged Goods) Order 2023, effective from September 1, 2023. This order applies to all pre-packaged goods manufactured in or imported into Malaysia, and covers the requirements for their marking
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Traffic on the Road at Night with Light Trails

SGS Signs Agreement to Sell Its Powertrain Testing Operations in North America to Columbia River Partners

Columbia River Partners is a private equity firm focused on the industrials, business and IT services sectors.
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CSRD QI Banner

What Is the CSRD and How Can We Help?

We take you through the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and our new suite of services.
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ISCC PLUS – An International, Practical and Transparent System to Certify Biomass, Recyclables and Their Products

What are ISCC and ISCC PLUS? We outline both and explain the benefits to you and the world.
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ISOSAE 21434

Drive Your Cybersecurity for Road Vehicles with an ISO/SAE 21434 Audit

The shift toward vehicle connectivity and automated vehicles, coupled with increasing numbers of complex automotive components, has heightened the risk of cyberattacks.
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Modern Slavery

Not Confined to the History Books – Modern Slavery and Supply Chains

Slavery is not a thing of the past. Almost 50 million people are still slaves worldwide, and it is a problem that impacts many countries and supply chains.
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Responsible Supply Chain Assessment

Unveiling Our New Responsible Supply Chain Assessment

Assess human rights risks and impacts throughout supply chains to meet due diligence requirements with our versatile, detailed new service.
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